"  What a caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."


  - Richard Bach

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The phone rang while she sat at swimming practice with her son. She picked it up to a screaming voice. McField just learned that her son's father just took his own life. Before that, her childhood friend died from cancer. As a Senior at Lindenwood University, her degree program was announced to be canceled. Months later, Covid-19 shut down her salon business. After that, news broke. McField was polarized as she watched the demise of her longtime boss and creative mentor, R. Kelly. She slipped into a deep depression and anxiety from grief, after back to back losses; a place she knew all too well. But, this time was different because she wasn't alone like she was in the past; sleeping on the floor in a friend's North Hollywood apartment at 19 years old as a struggling artist, estranged from her family.


She had committed to healing all those years ago and spent nine years self-studying her spirituality, psychology, sociology, and pathology which laid the groundwork for her penning her first book, The Dance In My Shoes; Ten Power Moves to Make Life Move to Your Rhythm. Koran Bolden inspired McField to write a book in 2014 and over six years, she did it but not without finalizing her healing journey of childhood trauma in real-time. During the pandemic, she found hope in the eyes of her seven-year-old son and was ready for the assignment of the season; to become the best version of herself so that her son could indirectly reap the benefits of the social and emotional wealth.




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The Dance In My Shoes Paperback Book

The Dance In My Shoes Paperback Book


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