Hi! Im Sabrina and I love performance because great performance precedes great success.  People have called me an imaging superhero, creative mastermind and success strategist.  What I do is simply this; I help Generation Z and Millennials confidently show up and show out at their schools, organizations and in the marketplace.

My objective is to help people see things differently.  I offer the art and science of building yourself up, from the inside-out.  This translates into a success magnet in the world.  See, I’ve got a not-so-secret superpower: a sixth sense for turning your magical purpose into a significant and profitable lifestyle. I can hear the cha-chings of your ideas, sniff out every hurdle in your lane, and spot growth opportunities from 100 paces ahead.

Here's how we'll make it all happen for your people...

Discovering their road to becoming a purpose-driven performance champion is a job for both sides of the brain. It takes proven scientific methods and a deep dive into the intuitive connection they have with the work that serves their soul. When they are in harmony… magic begins to unfold. Their confidence grows and they fearlessly share more of themselves. They get clear in how you are showing up and success craves clarity. It all begins when you make they make life, their business.

They do that by artfully and practically looking for ways to grow no matter life's uncertainty. I won’t tell them what they want to hear all the time.  In fact, I’m probably going to ask them to get uncomfortable.  Any person that has achieved great success, knows that you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.   Is it ridiculous to want to grow beyond your comfort zone?  If your answer is NO, then I can promise you that if they do: the results will be epic. 

Here are a few brands that trust me

Because I sees things, the way you see things.

Schools want to boost morale, keep attendance up, increase test scores and produce excellent graduation rates.


Corporations want to decrease expenses, increase sales, maximize performance and retain millennials.


Entrepreneurs want to build brands with multiple streams of income, acquire loyal customers, get paid what they're worth, work smarter not harder and live the American dream.


No matter your point of view, we can work together to achieve any objective, ambition or dream. 

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