Thank you very much for choosing Sabrina & Co. as your partner in style. We understand how valuable your time and money is therefore operating this salon business with simplicity, integrity and excellence is priority. It is important that we are in agreement with how the salon operates so that your visits are as efficient as possible. We look forward to building lasting connections and giving you a look that you love.

*Please Review the Following Policies Before Booking an Appointment*


Consultations are required to ensure a stress free salon enviornment. Same day service is not possible. Please plan ahead. This consultation will consist of Sabrina becoming acquainted with you and your hair story. You will learn your hair identification including porosity level, curl pattern, density and more. You will also learn what products, regimes and salon services will work best for you! You will also learn about pricing structure and how to prepare for your appointments so there are not any suprises.


APPOINTMENT SELECTIONS Please take the time to review the menu of services thoroughly. It is very important that you select as many services as you desire to receive on your selected day and time.


ADDITIONAL DETANGLING To avoid additional charges or denial of one or all services, come with your hair free of tangles and glue. If detangling is required, total price will accumalate to $50 hourly after base price and time is considered. COLOR SERVICES Please prep your hair for color by arriving to the salon with clean blowdried hair.


Select services based on the length of your hair stretched out. Additional time and product has been allocated to the service prices so please select your service by length of hair. If additional time is required due to density, my rates break down to $50 hourly. This hourly cost will be considered and applied to your total if service runs over due to length or density of hair.


CHILDREN IN THE SALON If services are not being rendered to children, they are not allowed in the salon during your service. This is a safety precaution. Currently only accepting children 10 years and older for services.


Exact Cash is preferred. Credit cards are acceptable for your convenience at a 2.75% fee at the end of the service. All products have a MO sales tax of 8.8630% fee. No Checks. Tips are appreciated.


There is a $50 deposit required to book a full sew in installation. This fee is non-refundable and does apply to service total. There is $100 deposit required for custom lace front units and u-part units. This fee is non-refundable and applies to your product total.


THIRD PARTY HAIR EXTENSIONS Sabrina and Co. does NOT recommend working with extensions from outside, third party sources. Voila Brazilian Hair Collection has gone through an extensive quality assurance process including collection, blending, fabrication and sanitation. We will not compromise the integrity of our work and your investment from a third party. Most importantly, your investment is insured with Sabrina and Co. We are not responsible for wear and tear because of improper care practices but if for any reason after a complete evaluation is completed and your product is defective, it will be replaced. For natural hair extensions by use code; sabrinamcfield


PHOTOGRAPHS Photos allow Sabrina and Co. the opportunity to study and master the art & science of hair. Your photograph maybe taken before and/or after your service. It may also be used in my portfolio and published on my website or social networks.


Scheduling is open up to 60 days in advance and is only a request until the appointment is accepted. Select all services desired and especially pay attention to hair length and if the service is a add on. Scheduling is to be completed online only. For last minute availablity, you can text 314- 375-3783 for the week of availablity if it is not available online.


CANCELLATION Cancellation of any service requires a 24-hour notice and can be updated on the scheduling site or by texting 314-375-3783. This allows the waiting list to be addressed so that other clients have an opportunity to be seen for a service. Same day cancellations will result in a $30 fee that will be invoiced. Your next appointment will not be confirmed until invoice is paid.


NO CALL, NO SHOW There is zero tolerance for no call no shows. I consider my time to be valuable as well as yours. Please show respect by texting your change in plans to 314-375-3783 up to 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule. If you fail to do this, it may result in a no call no show fee $50. This fee will be invoiced at the time of no call no show and your next appointment will not be confirmed until the invoice is fulfilled. Two no call no shows in one year will result in termination of all future client srvices.