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I love natural hair because it is a truth of how distinctively you were created.  I have heard people call me over the past 3 years the heart at Voila!, a creative mastermind with an energy like sunshine.


What I do really, is this; I transition woman who want to go natural, educate them on the best products to use and the best practices specific to their hair type, texture and condition; as well as, bringing their healthy hair goals, style ideas and visions into fruition -- setting them in a positive direction to conquer their roles in society or exams, careers and families with confidence.


This comes into existence when you are willing maintain the suggested regular visits, follow care instructions properly and invest in the recommended products for at home use.

You see, I have a topnotch superpower; an visionary instinct for strategy that takes what you see as a chaos into a flourishing, noticeably healthy head of hair.


I can hear the compliments rolling in like thunder from strangers, loud and clear. I will sniff out the wrong techniques and products that are leaving you stagnant or causing more damage.  I can visualize the confidence radiating from your spirit when you get to a place where you finally see the results you have waited for.


This really is bigger than whipping your hair back and forth.



We both know that society has conditioned us to believe that we are easier to work with or better to look at if we permenantly straighten our hair- and you being a successful natural will begin with true self acceptance and appreciation.


We both know that it is your duty to not just go natural but if you never have before, give you a chance to come through.  (Honestly, I feel like I dont really know you unless I know what your hair looks like.)


But this acceptance and appreciation only becomes real when you cling to patience first, in full understanding that you cannot microwave yourself to your destination.


Others may not understand your journey but true love cannot manifest through others until, you first love yourself enough to walk through the season of nay-sayers and ridiculers.  They will be the same ones wanting to know how you did it when you reach your goals.


Yes, it takes courage to go natural.  Transitioning into a glorious natural, short or long hair, requires a made up mind and perseverance.  But you can do it and there are levels and regimes that will get you there.


Im the one, who will show you the way!

Sabrina McField Signature