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Together we can achieve significant success in the marketplace and make lasting impact in communities with philanthropic efforts.


Your audience wants to be engaged.  They need someone that can inspire them into action. 

Increase performance in your academic, creative or corporate institution with a dynamic public speaker and millennial


Do you believe attracting new customers should not be a priority?  Was your ROI on your paid ads higher this month? Is your brand and business in a better position this year than it was last year? If the answer is NO, then let's talk Growth 2020!!!



Lets take a look at Sabrina's perspective on books, events, healthy lifestyle, branding, business and even the complexities of mental health.  Here we search for the truth, not for you simply to agree.  Share your comments  and let's change the world together.


Meet Sabrina

Sabrina McField has a vision to cultivate Generation Z and millienials with an in-depth sense of identity, self-love and power to fulfill their dreams. Daughter of a Master Instructor of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Hall of Fame Track Coach, Sabrina was breed to be a dynamic speaker and leader. She has a 15 year background in the Entertainment Industry as a World Wide Dancer, Choreographer and Creative Director for multiple multi-million dollar tours. She has enjoyed a six-figure career as a Salon Owner and St. Louis' Premier Natural Hair Stylist specializing in branding, social media content, retail and education since 2012.


As a speaker,  Sabrina will continue to live out her purpose by speaking at schools to help increase performance and by facilitating after-school programs to aid students in self-improvement and career exploration.  As a marketing strategist, Sabrina will aid companies from design to launch of their brand and business. 


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Success is preparation meets opportunity.


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