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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Social Media makes it very easy to lose yourself by being drowned in product promotions, entertainment, online courses, trends, celebrity news, fashion, friends and trolls. That's in addition to pressures to climb the corporate latter, build your own entrepreneurial legacy, raise children and take care of yourself.

Know how you feel but most importantly, know how you see things.

Personal Development Precedes All Success

Here are a few free quizzes and prompts online to help you understand yourself more;

  • Jung Typology Test Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs created a personality test that categorizes specific preferences into a personality type. This can be used to discover careers that would most satisfy you. You will also uncovers ways in which you communicate and learn best. Take 15 minutes to better understand how you see the world around you.

  • Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder This is a great opportunity to work through those vision boards and goals and get clearer on your mission. If you can see it then you can't live it and writing it down makes it 80% more likely to happen. Take 30-60 minutes to work through these prompts and define your purpose and mission for 2020.

  • Brand Archetype You are a brand! There is no way around it these days. Take this quiz to learn more about your personal brand so that your message is always clear and gets your audience's attention. A basic understanding of your authentic nature, voice and brand personality is central to growth online. The same applies for business brands.

Invest TIME into Your Development

Spend two hours as soon as you can to work through how you want to show up as a winner this year. These 3 online prompts lay the foundation to your message and brand experience.

Sabrina McField is an Entrepreneur and Speaker who helps people show up and show out in their career and life. COMMENT your 4 Letter Personality Type, Your Mission Statement and Your Highest Scoring Brand Archetype. COPY & PASTE the link to a friend by text. Stay connected on Linked In and Instagram SHARE this with your team or community on Facebook

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