How to Pivot from your First Business to your Second

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

When you are your small business, at some point it will feels like a job. There are a few micro moves I made to figure out what my next step would be. I love doing hair but there is this intrinsic call on my spirit that there is more. So keep reading to find out what I'm doing to make pivotal decisions to grow my brand and purpose.

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

This is the part that doesn't feel right. Letting go always gives me anxiety but every time I do there is a win just past the finish line.

Emotional triggers cause a fight or flight responses requiring meditation and reasoning to pull yourself out of. Here are three exercises that help you get you clearer faster. This way you are moving in the right direction instead of going fast nowhere.

  1. Consider Your Options; As an entrepreneur we often experiment with different offerings to bring to the market through research, development and beta testing. Look for things that worked out really well in the past but you may have ran out of gas. Or if your looking to leave the corporate world, what do you have that is ready to bring to market? Is that market still alive and well? It could be useful to revisit some of these ideas or old hobby's before moving on to new ones.

  2. Reflect; Take some time to evaluate where you are, how you got here and what you learned in the past 3 years. What quality of life balance with family, spiritual, financial, health & wellness, social and continuing education works best for you? What would it take for the second move to replace one week of your first move? For example; If you make $2000 a week per 30 hours on your first move, could you make $2000 a month in half the time with the second move? Work smarter not harder, if growth is the goal. If you are a single parent like me, then I'm not ready to jump until I have a plan to supplement. Be realistic and strategic.

  3. Jump; Lock down your mission for the decade. Then, lock down you goals for the year. Next is to JUMP into action. Your action will determine your return but remember that it doesn't always happen quickly. Be cool with the long game. To simply the process always ask yourself; What is the one thing I can do right now that will make everything else easier?

Mindset is vital to the life and longevity of your second move. This thoughtful self reflection lays the groundwork to you getting what you want out of life.

Show Don't Tell

Now that you are clear on you and what you what to do, its time to build your brand. In this digital world, branding is not an option. So decide on the look to attract your people, take great photos, get a brand identity and launch your product or service into the market. Book a consultation to learn more about building your brand launch kit including brand psychology, logo, brand photography & video, website, social media content, brand typology, colors, copy and press kit.

Sabrina McField is an Entrepreneur and Speaker who helps people show up and show out in their career and life. COMMENT if uncertainty gives you anxiety and what you do to get your head back in the game? LIKE if you agree about learning to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Stay connected on Linked In and Instagram SHARE this with your tribe on Facebook

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