Hi, Im Brina - I am a Hair Muva (Mother). On the surface I help women and girls with unique hair needs achieve healthy hair, growth and convenience; but what I really do is introduce you to you. Over the past 6 years behind the chair, I have heard clients call me knowledgeable and inspiring. McBride Research Laboratories, took notice and offered me a position as an educator with Design Essentials. Delux Magazine recognized me as a “Social & Cultural Influencer” at Delux Power 100 of 2016. In 2018, Koran Bolden has recognized me as a “Greatest Year Ever” Recipient. Learn more about who I am and what I do at www.sabrinamcfield.com.

Unleash Your Curls, Unleash Your Power is an online and after school program that builds a bridge between hair and identity. It cultivates healthy self care skills and promotes exploration of Natural Hair as a career. Washington University’s Neil Schoenherr recently wrote that African American girls with a strong racial identity are more likely to be academically curious and persistent in school. What I have introduced into Jennings Middle School, is this; healthy regimes and life skills that empower girls to enhance and maintain a positive self image and intrapersonal relationship, product consciousness, career exploration into a billion dollar beauty and hair industry-- setting them in a positive direction to care, manage and style their own hair throughout their academic and social journey.

     Of the 10 students who participated, 100% really enjoyed their experience especially playing in a mannequins head. 75 % stated in their program evaluation that they are anticipating continuing with this program next year and 25% expressed interest in a career in hair. No matter if they go into the industry, using it as a trade to get through college, or simply want the skills to be their best self, this program is enormously influential to the lives of generation Z. Unleash Your Curls, Unleash Your Power Program will empower these girls for a lifetime.

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